TOP 5 Spanish Cities to Buy Property

TOP 5 Spanish Cities to Buy Property

The opinions of investors, experts and ordinary residents about each city of Spain are highly personal, contradictory and mainly depend on individual preferences.

Some believe that the eternal heat and homogeneity of the Costa del Sol climate are unbearable, and prefer a softer “European” climate of Costa Brava with season changes and a riot of greenery. Others consider the Costa Brava to be too cold, giving preference to dry air, desert landscapes and the sizzling sun of Murcia.

Each has its own standards and tastes, which a priori makes comparison of different regions a difficult task and devoid of practical sense. Potential buyers, who are at least sometimes ready to live in a purchased apartment or villa, must decide on their priorities – climate, infrastructure, community, prices, services, etc.

Our task is to acquaint you with the peculiarities of different cities of the country, and this is you to decide whether it’s advantages or disadvantages. Finally, you have to live there!


Top 5 Most Popular Spanish Cities for Buying Real Estate:

  • Barcelona

Barcelona is a capital of Catalonia; it is the closest city to the resort coasts of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. The second city after Madrid in terms of population. Barcelona is quite expensive as for cost living, which is due to the year-round visits of a really huge number of tourists. The architecture is impressive, cuisine is superb.

  • Valencia

Valencia is the most beautiful city in Spain, combining a variety of architectural forms and lines! But unlike Barcelona, there is no such an accumulation of industry, so some beaches here have a “blue flag”. Good ecology and unimaginable seafood!

  • Salou

This is one of the most popular beach resort towns on the golden Costa Dorada in Catalonia. The city with a small population provides a high level of comfort and satisfaction with a true relax. Salou is famous for its favourable local climate and beautiful beaches marked with blue flags, picturesque coves, large green zones, water and  theme parks, the most famous is Port Aventura, the second largest after the Paris Disneyland!

  • Tarragona

Tarragona is often called “small Rome” due to the abundance of archaeological monuments of world significance. Among the most prominent sites of antiquity are the Roman fortress walls and St. Anthony’s avenue, the local Roman forum, the Roman circus and the praetorium, the Roman amphitheatre and the Balcony of the Mediterranean, fortifications, etc.

  • Alicante

In general, this city gives the impression of a modern developed metropolis within the natural landscape. This is a huge tourist centre, the destination for flights from the most countries of the world. This is the largest Spanish export and fishery center. The basis of the economy of Alicante being made of seaport, beach tourism, tourist services for visitors, export of wine and olive oil, tobacco and food industry.

As you see, all these Spanish cities have their perks to live there and enjoy you time..

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