Useful Tips for Buying a House in Catalonia

Useful Tips for Buying a House in Catalonia

Getting a house in Catalonia is an ideal option for country holidays, as well as for earnings on tourists. As this is a responsible investment decision, it is necessary to assess each detail and guarantee yourself the maximum benefit and legal security of transaction.

To buy a real estate in the most economically developed region of Spain is a dream of many people all over the world. The close distance to the Mediterranean coast of France, the mild climate and the consistency of the local population from high prices for property. Southern stretches a narrow golden strip of Costa Dorada with more plains and teeming with tourist complexes. However, at present, it is still possible to find good options cheaper than the average market price.

7 Useful Tips That Will Be Useful When Buying a House in Catalonia:

  1. Choose a place of real estate

A residence should be located in a really comfortable place. Therefore, before making a final decision, you should familiarize yourself with the settlement in detail and confer with your family, whether you want to spend free time here.

  1. Study the offers on the market

In search of your dream home, the all-powerful Internet is useful. Today, almost all real estate agencies and homeowners publish their proposals on various online portals. Having spent time studying the propositions all over Spain, make for yourself a clear idea of ​​the market, current prices, trends and other nuances that come only with experience.

  1. Do not deprive yourself of choice

You should be extremely cautious when making deals that require pre-payment or a deposit. Remember that such deals actually deprive you of a choice.

Do not sign any papers until the moment you are finally dead sure in your decision to buy this very house!

  1. Consider the state of utilities at home

It is necessary to carefully check the safety of the water supply and sewerage system, electrical wiring and equipment, floors and insulation, as well as the condition of the kitchen and bathrooms.

  1. Apply to an expert

The advice of a real estate specialist will save time and money.

The expert is well aware of the local real estate market and owns tools for effective negotiations. The real estate agency is a proven assistant in the preparation of documents and will allow the investor to avoid some unpleasant surprises and unforeseen situations.

  1. Calculate your benefits when buying a house

Before buying a property in Spain with a purpose to rent to tourists, you should conduct a thorough research and many calculations. The costs of maintaining and modernizing housing, an annual property tax (IBI) and other regular payments may “eat up” a significant portion of your income.

To be engaged in tourist rent is not so simple and rosy as it seems from the outside.

So, being familiar with the situation and acting without fear, you will get the advantage to be a lucky owner of a great residence in Spain!

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