Where to Buy Property in Spain: at Sea Cost Or in a Big City

Where to Buy Property in Spain: at Sea Cost Or in a Big City

Buying a property is an important step, especially when it comes to foreign countries. Many people wish to get a permanent or holiday residence on the sunny coast of Spain. If you have ever thought about such a purchase, it’s time to clarify some issues. The rich cultural and historical heritage of Spain makes it really special and very attractive country for property investors. What does the purchase of Spanish real estate promises and where is it better to look for it?

Sea View

Real estate in sunny Spain is a very rewarding investment. Although traditionally here it is divided into residential and business categories, in reality any house, cottage, villa or apartment can be used for personal or business purposes. Property on the Mediterranean coast is very popular nowadays. A good climate, 320 sunny days a year, a favourable ecological situation, well-equipped resort towns is a true dream of millions of people. The price is accessible to wide range of buyers, and its quality is famous throughout the world.

There Are Three the Most Popular Regions to Reside:

  • Costa Blanca. The coast is divided into northern and southern parts, on the border of which is the famous resort of Alicante. There are a lot of things there, such as an international airport, a large seaport, several universities, public and private educational institutions. It organically combines the historical and modern parts. The Northern part of Costa Blanca is a mountainous area surrounded by a unique green landscape with a predominance of pine trees.
  • Costa Calida. This resort is a part of the Mediterranean coast in the province of Murcia, between Valencia and Andalusia. 230 km of picturesque sandy beaches, plenty of cultural and historical sites, developed infrastructure make this area attractive for tourism and permanent residence. Here agriculture is highly developed and there is no industry. Due to this fact it is possible to live in very environment friendly area, enjoying an abundance of flowers and fruits.
  • Costa de Almeria This part of the coast is relatively recently developed as a tourist. In the region there are several unique nature reserves that attract the attention of nature lovers. Popularity among travellers has already managed quite a difficult to acquire at resort town of Mojácar in the north-east of the Costa de Almeria.


Big Cities – Big Prospects

Among the biggest Spain cities are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia etc. In such places life is very fast and vivid since they are financial and business centres of the country. It’s worth to buy a real estate there if you want to be in the heart of modern Spanish life and are ready to pay more for less square meters. Big cities are not ecological paradise but they can offer more diverse and interesting life.

In metropolises there is a good choice of cool designer apartments or small economy class studios while purchasing a private house or villa within the city line is really hard and expensive.  

While buying a real estate in Spain it’s also necessary to take into account additional expenses. This is a tax on the purchase, payment of notarization of the transaction and legal services, if necessary – the cost of entering into a mortgage agreement.


Hello everyone, great blog. Recently visited Spain on vacation, most of the time spent in Barcelona, really liked the city and architecture.

I recently bought a small property in Spain. I wanted to buy a house on the beach, viberal for a long time in terms of price quality, in total I stayed in Valencia, a wonderful city.

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